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Age: 27(was born in Oct.1st 1984)

Marital Status: Be married and have a child

Place of birth:Jianli county, Hubei province

Live place: Haizhu District, Guangzhou CityObjective: A Sales in Foreign Trade Department

Salary Expectation: 3500 + commission


Experiences in foreign trade business for 5 years.

Be skilled in foreign trade promotion.

Good communication and coordination abilities.

Excellent team-spirit and occupation moral.

Academic Main Courses:

International Trade, Import/Export Business, Marketing / Economic Law and so on

Employment Experience

20xx/3-20xx/6 Wuhan Haokang Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd Sales Manager / Sales

Company Description:

Type of Company: Private limited company

Nature of business: Outdoor fitness equipment


Maintained and updated factory information on alibaba.com.

In charge of development and maintenance of America and Oceania market.

Developed new customers on internet by myself.

Attended the sports goods fairs at home and aboard, such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and Essen.


Successfully developed customers from Australia, New Zealand and America.

20xx/3-20xx/2 ARTMAX Factory (Zhongshan City) Sales and merchandiser

Company Description:

Type of Company: Private limited company

Nature of business: Furniture and decorations

Responsibilities: Developed and maintained the Europe and America market as a sales with sales manager in 20xx.

Attended the Canton Fair in spring and autumn and the international furniture fair at August in Shanghai.

Got orders on the fairs and joined in the negotiate team work.


Mainly developed customers from America and Middle East.

Education background

9/20xx-6/20xx Yangtze University Graduate/Bachelor

Other skills

Certificate : Teacher Certificate for Senior High School

Language Skill: English CET-6


Name: yjbys Nationality: China

Current residence: Foshan China: Han

Domicile: Foshan stature: 170 cm 50 kg

Marital status: Single Age: 21

Practical experience

Company Name: Guangzhou Building, beginning and ending date :20xx-02 ~ 20xx-05

Company nature: state-owned enterprises Industry: Hospitality / Tourism

Positions: Waiter

Job Description: as a waiter in the hotel, catering services responsible for the guests

Educational Background

Graduated: Guangdong University of Technology

Highest Level of Education: Bachelor graduation date :20xx -06-01

By Major: Metal Material Engineering

Job search intention and work experience

Talent Type: graduates

Position: computer-aided design engineers, internal combustion / thermal power / heat treatment engineers, metallurgists / Spray / Metal Material:

Job Type: All arrived to date: one month

Salary requirements: Negotiable Desired Location: Foshan, Guangzhou

Ability to work and other expertise

Better in English reading ability, get cet-4 certificate

Skilled use of word, excel and photoshop software, won the national college computer one, two certificates

Familiar with using computer graphics software Atutocad, Solidworks

Self introduction

Im about to graduate, has been working to prepare the community to find out, in college, I have mastered the basic metal material relevant expertise university environment also gave me a lot of social practice opportunity for me to have a certain social understanding, but also because about to enter the community and feel a certain pressure, but under pressure from an early age to learn, grow, I have been ready to accept the challenge and make people believe that a certain pressure progress, the achievements of peoples life.


room 212 building 343 tsinghua university, beijing 100084 (010) 62771234 email:good@tsinghua.edu.com zheng yan objective to obtain a challenging position as a software engineer with an emphasis in software design and development. education 1997.9-20xx.6 dept.of automation,graduate school of tsinghua university, m.e. 1993.9-1997.7 dept.of automation,beijing insititute of technology,b.e. academic main courses mathematics advanced mathematics probability and statistics linear algebra engineering mathematics numerical algorithm operational algorithm functional analysis linear and nonlinear programming electronics and computer circuit principal data structures digital electronics artificial intelligence computer local area network computer abilitees skilledin use of ms frontpage, win 95/nt, sun, javabeans, html, cgi, &#106avascript, perl, visual interdev, distributed objects, corba, c, c++, project 98, office 97, rational requisitepro, process,pascal, pl/i and sql software english skills have a good command of both spoken and written english .past cet-6, toefl:623;gre:2213 scholarships and awards 1999.3 guanghua first-class scholarship for graduate 1998.11 metal machining practice award 1997.4 academic progress award qualifications general business knowledge relating to financial, healthcare have a passion for the internet, and an abundance of common sense



Personal Information:

Full Name:Li Zhe Gender:Male Nation:Korean

Date of Birth:1981/03/30 Phone:159-4434-5580

Education:Bachelor Major:Information Design

Address:Tianchi Road Yanji, Jilin Province No. 169

Foreign Language: Japanese,Korean,English

E-mail: Chris_lee225@yahoo.co.jp

Job Intention:

Desired occupation: Translator, International commissioner, Lecturer

Desired industry:Trade / Export, Travel / Hotel, Education / Training

Desired salary:Negotiable

Desired location:Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Expected induction day:Within 3 months

Education Experience:

20xx/042009/03 Nishinippon institute of technology University (JAPAN)

Major: Information Design

Subject introduction:Basic programming, Project, 3D design, Information literacy

Work Experience:Profile: Nestle baby milk powder, coffee, Milo and other goods sales. Mainly responsible for the C-store sales

20xx/06-20xx/05 Yanbian Daewoo(Korean) Hotel-Marketing Dept/Sales Office Representative

Profile: The main room of the sales team responsible for travel, then embrace a variety of meetings, publicity and promotion of recreational facilities

20xx/042011/03 Transcosmos Co., Ltd.

Profile:Responsible for system architecture, operation and maintenance.


I have had experience of studying and working in Japan. My character is Warm easy-going, live wave cheerful,with entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, and also fluent in Japanese, Korean, English to communicate with others and exchange. Adaptable, responsive, positive, flexible, love innovation! In addition to also has a proficient in the use and operation of various software capabilities, I hope to find a match with my ability to work, such as translation, Trade Commissioner or the instructor, I believe that as long as the platform would have more space to show and develop their own!



XX Intern

Can provide three days a week (excluding weekends) and work for a month

Job Location: XX District, Shanghai


Jobs University

x.09 – x.07

Bachelor of XX, Major in XX

Main courses:

XX Scholarship



Work-study Advanced Units and Inpiduals


Outstanding Volunteer at college


Outstanding students of military training




Enjoy music and Singing

Football, basketball and other sports

Forum/Entertainment/Sports news



XX-year experience of XXX, major in XXX write your summary in the end to sumup cv

Proficient in XX, skilled in XXX, a passion for XX

Responsible and diligent in work, cooperative in teamwork


Name: jiaokedu gender: male

Age: 24 height: 173 cm

Marital status: single contact way: zhengzhou city

Job objective

Recent work position: tutor

Expect post properties: part-time

Expected monthly salary: negotiable

Expect engaged in post: university graduates

Expect engaged in industry: education/training, the government department/institutions, non-profit organization/industry association

Education experience

Start-stop years: in September 20xx to June 20xx

The school name: anyang normal college

Professional name: administrative management

Degree: bachelor degree



Personal Information

Name: Longfeng Wei Sex: Female

Nationality: Han Birthday: 10/1986Native Place: Chongqing Major: English

School: Southwest University for Nationalities

Address: 220 Mail box, Shuangliu Campus, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Education Background

9/20xx–Present: Department of Foreign Language Study, major in English

9/20xx–7/20xx: Nanhua High School, Chongqing

Academic Main Courses

Basic English, Advanced English, English Listening , Reading, Oral English, English Writing, English Grammar, English Phonetics, Morphology, British & American Literature, Psychology, Western Culture and Literature, etc.

Highlights Courses

Business English, Business English Writing, Translation, English Interpretation, British & American culture and European Culture, Japanese.

Language proficiency

Fluent spoken Mandarin and skilled written Chinese;

Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and interpretation;

Familiar with basic conversational Japanese and a bit of listening, reading and writing Japanese

Computer skills

Skilled in use of Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, etc, and basic VFP

Typing 70 wpm


20xx/04 National College Computer Test Level One

20xx/12 College English Test Band Six (CET6)

20xx/04 Test for English Major Band Four (TEM4)

20xx/12 Test for Mandarin Level Two

Scholarships and Awards

Love Volunteer Title in20xx

Third-class Scholarship in cademic year

National Aid Fund in

Social activities

20xx/04family tutor for three college students learning CET-3

20xx/08–20xxx/09 as a salesgirl for China Mobile selling phone card

as a sale agent for Maraca Bakery

as a member of College Part-time Job Community on Campus

Summer holiday family tutor for two middle school students


I have solid foundation of English knowledge and can use it flexibly. Being familiar with business and social etiquette, Im cheerful and open-minded, sociable, adaptable, good at communication and coordination, dealing things with accuracy, excellent service awareness and team-work spirit. Im willing to learn, especially new things, having a good sense of responsibility. I always stick to a Chinese idiom: the more you suffering, the more you will get. Beholding the faith with strong will power, I can face any challenges in the future.


Grades papers and other materials, certificates copies are available at anytime,


I will take TEM-8 and may get the certificate in June

I may get the certificate for a qualified teacher


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