毕业生英文简历 毕业生英文简历模板范文

毕业生英文简历 毕业生英文简历模板范文


Sex: Male

National: Han

Date of birth: January 1986

Marital status: unmarried

Height: 170cm

Weight: 72kg

Residence: Jiangxi Jingdezhen

Is the location: Fujian, Fuzhou

Graduate school: Jiang industry Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College

Education: Vocational

Professional Name: Mechatronics

Year of Graduation: 20xx

Work experience: more than five years

Supreme Title: Senior Title

Job intentions

The nature of jobs: full-time

Post Category: Craft – fitter / mechanic

Job Title: mechanic;

Work areas: Xiamen, Fujian;

Treatment requirements: 20xx-3000 Yuan / month may be negotiable; the need to provide housing

Reported for duty time:may at any time

Skills expertise

Language Ability: English 0;

Computer level: 2

Education and training

Educational Background: Time’s school education

September 20xx – June 20xx Vocational and Technical College Jiangxi Vocational Industrial

March 20xx – December 20xx Jiangxi Radio & TV specialist

Training experience: the training time for the theme of the training institutions

October 20xx – Jiangxi Province in October 20xx the Office of Labor and Social Security, Mechatronics

Work experience

Company: Jiangxi Polyester Factory

Time frame: 20xx 10 months – in August 20xx

Company nature: state-owned enterprises

Industry: machine building, electrical and mechanical equipment, heavy

Hold office for: Mechanic – fitter / mechanic /

Job Description: Nanchang in Jiangxi Province since 20xx.9 “polyester plant in Jiangxi Province” (Jiangxi Special Fiber Co., Ltd. Long-peng) preservation of machine repair. Workshop Mission branch. Include an internship in the company’s nearly 6 years, quickly eliminated the original mechanical improvements, maintenance and renovation to add that since the implementation of contract system, the operating efficiency of the original workshop of 69 to 89 now. Efforts to meet the plant party committee. Communist Youth League to carry out the training of new employees. Innovation. and the development of outstanding members of the Communist Youth League. I have a solid type electrical machinery maintenance, maintenance. Repair practices. A number of mid-day study, such as technology. Note: due to my technical school students during the orientation for the staff of state-owned enterprises. Therefore, to study the program for the practice and theory. So the school has saved a considerable period of rich experience.


A. has strong management experience. Organizational capacity.

B. solid type electrical machinery maintenance, maintenance. Repair practices.

C. having been good at verbal ability, interpersonal skills to deal with, have better sales and operational capacities.

d. adaptable. hard. strictly follow the leadership and distribution arrangements.















Personal information

Don’t sex: male

Years of age: 33 nations: the han nationality

Working experience: above 8 years in living ground: zhejiang taizhou linhai city

Body: CM door mouth: taizhou in zhejiang province Sanmen county

Self assessment

After graduating from college in Shanghai family tree construction engineering co., LTD., 1 year, after the boss know now TONY CHING, an Australian immigration is a native of Hong Kong, because he asked, as he made five years China director. A group company in Hong Kong and Australia, including Hong Kong Universal frontier Enterprise Corporation LimitedShanghai Eagle Business Consultants. Contain Australia received Concepts Pty LimitedInnovative Links Pty Limited. Business including sales bicycle, glass, diving equipment and lawn mowers, etc., China office is located in guangzhou. TONY is the most proud of one thing for my first job is to help him return to buy goods in yongkang swindled 25000 usd, spent three and a half months I’m going to go back to the 15000 usd, TONY directly to my employment contract. The above is my work for many years. Linhai permanent settlement for parents to ask back, solid resume released at the time. Hope to meet bole!


Hope jobs: logistics/purchasing class – purchasing manager/executive/personnel class – administration manager/supervisor other classes – other related job

Seeking position: President assistant, purchasing

Hope work location: zhejiang taizhou linhai city

Expected salary: / month to post time: arrive at any time

Other salary: negotiable

Work target/direction

Hope can have a better development opportunity.

Work experience

▌ 20xx-03-20xx-08: received Concepts Pty Limited

Industry: wholesale and retail, department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, store… (foreign investment enterprises)

As a post: computer – development/application/software designer

Job title: China director

Job description: responsible for product sourcing and logistics company in China area looking for high quality suppliers, to discuss cooperation, order production, international transportation

▌ 20xx-02-20xx-02: Shanghai family tree construction engineering co., LTD

Industry: construction, decoration (joint venture)

As a post: construction class/budget/construction projects

Job title: engineering fields

Job description: project management, decoration construction, cost control

Education experience

The 20xx-09-20xx-07 construction of wenzhou vocational and technical college class/construction economics and management college


Language: English: general;

Computer skill: national computer rank examination level

Other skills:

Proficient in e-commerce/computer and network maintenance/good at interpersonal communication


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